Exercise 5. Build your weekly IT-Control Chart using Perfomalist tool

  • Input file format is 3-column comma-separated file with date, hour, value.
  • Got to https://www.perfomalist.com/ click "Try it" and then select the sample file from where you put downloaded file sample-upload.csv.
  • Click "UPLOAD" and after short processing delay please see and read the following result:

  • Play with chart a bit by disabling-enabling "UCL" or any other curves there.
  • Find any anomalies. View the table and find where the anomaly there. Put the anomaly's hour in the comment on this page.
  • Compare UCL usage vs. UCL95. What is the difference? Please import your analysis as a comment to this page.
  • What is the "lasthour"?
  • Finally prepare your own input data and build the IT-Control chart against that. You may share your impression and even tabular output into the comment below.